Which Hat or Headpiece is for you?

Remember when choosing a hat or headpiece, “Your hair frames your face but your hat frames your personality”. Choose a hat that you think matches your personality. If the hat is too flamboyant you will feel conspicuous, or if it’s too meek you will feel flat. Try on as many hats as you can, even if you don’t immediately like a hat, you might be surprised by which shape really suits you.

Now make sure the piece suits the shape of your face, stand well away from a mirror and turn around to get a good first impression. That first second should reveal your face and hat to the same extent, if the hat is really standing out then it’s the wrong hat. Another way is to take a picture of you in the piece and be objective.

The piece should enhance your face and features not overpower or detract from them. Once you get the right personality and shape of the piece, then making the hat to your colour scheme is simple for a milliner.

When you find a shape that really enhances your face and personality, one that you feel fabulous wearing, stick with it. You can always update with colour and trim.

Original milliner made hats are normally less expensive or similar in price to a department store mass produced hat. Happy hunting, Carole